Couture accessories
& Sweet Stuff for your Pup!

Making  Life  that
 Much  Sweeter....

    Couture accessories

*Cupcake Pup*

Making   Life  that  much
Sweeter ...

*Live-*Vivaciously! Brown Petite TOTE


Durable & pet friendly PU exterior, quilted canvas lining, natural cowhide trimmings, brass pieces , Zippered closure with 1 heart/screened window and (1) roll up side-window for added breathability or privacy, as needed *mesh screen so your dog can easily see out without getting out! Short internal leash to deter pup to not jump out ( unclip leash from dog's harness when dog is hidden discreetly, recommended so your pup can move easily to get comfortable! )Liv



Strong straps for easy carrying for your perfect-furry-baby! Removable, quilted mat,





18.4" L x 10.8" H x 6.8" W

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